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Teri and Dave Keizur

Teri and Dave Keizur

Two of the most unlikely people to own a quilt shop in a small town are turning this dream into a reality. Meet Teri and Dave Keizur.

Just a short time ago, Dave was running his own graphic design business in Renton, WA. Teri was a finance systems and operations analyst lead at Washington Mutual Bank. Then the economy down–turn put them both out of work. Before the inevitable happened, the dream was born.

While vacationing in Long Beach during Labor Day weekend in 2009, they were lamenting their chances of ever retiring and living in Long Beach, which they had talked about many times.

Teri said they would need a business to live there and Dave, in a semi–serious way, asked why not open a quilt shop since the previous shop had closed recently. They walked the town while crunching numbers out loud, picked up a real estate publication and did some studying.

Once they returned home to Renton, Teri contacted Karen Snyder, the former owner of the other quilt shop, and asked if she would recommend starting another quilt store. Karen was very encouraging and she has been a major help in making this whole thing happen.

Teri took classes to learn how to write a business plan and used her contacts to get counseling for an SBA loan. Dave worked a retail job at Parker Paints to get experience in retail sales and to provide health care benefits for them both. In late February 2010, just six short months later, the business loan was approved.

After that, it was a whirlwind of purchasing supplies, fixtures, a point–of–sale system and, of course, inventory to sell. Add to that the need to actually sell their house in Renton and move to the Long Beach peninsula. All of these things have been accomplished.

The store is located in the same building that the other quilt store once occupied. A new coat of paint and new signs have graced the building. May 1, 2010 was the day the store opened for business.

And so it began…

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