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New products in April (Part 1)

Hi Gang!

We’re running a little late this month, but we do have new stuff to show to you with more coming in the next few days.

Teri’s A Crooked Mile class is being held as I write this. We should have some interesting results to post here and on Facebook later. Don’t forget next month’s class – It’s Good To Be Square.

Also, an addition to the class schedule for Spring Quarter – Teri will be teaching the Labyrinth quilt Saturday, June 23rd. Details will be on the Classes page of the web site.

Now for the new items. Let’s start with fabric.

We got quite a bit of novelty designs from Blank Quilting. For children, we got two from their Baby Shoes collection – one in pink, one in blue.






We also got three from their Noah’s Voyage collection.






We got in a couple from their Dragonfly Magic line in metallic.






Then we got in another cupcake design from their Bake Shop line as well as three beach themed designs from their Children of the Sea collection.











From Henry Glass we received this 5/8 yard panel from their Coffee Cat Cafe line.






And from David Textiles we received two designs in flannel from their Baby Lullaby collection as well as this rooster design from their Wild Wings line.






That’s it for fabric, but we did get a couple more items. We brought in Dressmaker pins to add to our pin inventory.






Also, we added this Potato Chip Bag pattern from Quilt Country.






That’s it for now, but we just received a number of boxes in our UPS shipment. So look for more items in the next few days.

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