Archive for February 11, 2012

At last…

Yes, I know, I’ve been talking about this blog for months now. As you can see, it’s up and running and I hope you’ll read it and contribute your thoughts every now and again.

We have categories to break things up:

  • This one is called Sound Off!!, which will be our general announcement category (and also our rant category)
  • Events, which will showcase sales, classes, retreats, local happenings and anything we think fits in there
  • Programs, which will include Block of the Month, Customer Rewards and other ideas that are percolating in the back of my little mind
  • and New In The Store which will showcase new fabrics, books, patterns, notions, displays, employees and anything else that is new.

Now, if I’ve configured this right, all postings will appear on our Facebook page, as well.

At this time, I’m still planning on publishing the newsletter each month. However, I may decide to add a category for the newsletter on the blog so that you can access the newsletter from the blog or the web site.

Right now I’m just happy I finally got this thing going. The pages will grow and new categories will probably be added over time. This blog is just in its infancy.

I can’t promise regular postings but I do intend to read any and all of your comments. So let’s hear from you… I’m ready!